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    Draw with EOS for a chance to win EOS!


    After our announcement in which we decided to discontinue our own launch of the EOS Pixels DApp, the community has been very active working on not one but three different versions of our DApp.

    We’ve seen a group of developers release on a version of EOS Pixels called Pixel Master. Another group of developers has launched Pixel Fun. Even though we couldn’t launch the DApp we’ve been working on, we’re really proud to see the community actively working to support and maintain it. This truly demonstrates the power and potential inherent in this amazing community.


    However, as more variations of EOS Pixels appear, please beware of potential scams. As always, do not send any EOS that you're not willing to lose. If you find any problems or vulnerabilities with any community-launched versions of Pixels, please let us know in our Telegram group and we can put out a notice.


    Visit EOS Pixel Master here: https://pixelmaster.io/

    Visit EOS Pixel Fun here: https://pixelfun.io/


    Our Telegram Group: https://t.me/eosasia